Withdraw funds using your PayCo cards

You can now have convenience and accessibility at your fingertips once you apply for a PayCo card! The PayCo card is well-suited for clients and organizations who are engaged in online-based fields, such as e-marketing and web hosting and development.

Created in cooperation with the Electronic Payments Association, the PayCo card aims to provide clients with an easy-to-use payment platform which will enable clients to send and receive payments anytime, anywhere. You can easily withdraw funds at any ATM in any country just by using your card! Moreover, since PayCo has created a partnership with ePayments, you can now get funds and even load up your Prepaid MasterCard® and not worry about having your funds in the EUR or USD currency. Of course, we always put the safety of your funds first - you can be assured that your funds are always kept safe in high-grade UK-based banks.

Aside from the withdrawal and deposit of your funds, you can also use your PayCo card for online transactions and engage in any business which accepts payments using MasterCard®. All these benefits, plus extremely low if not absolutely no fees at all once you avail of our services!

You can get your PayCo card simply by registering to ePayments, then pay for the required delivery and membership fees. Once you receive your PayCo card within four (4) working days, you can immediately start using your card! Easy, simple, and hassle-free!

Switch to PayCo now and get the most out of your banking experience!


Product Fee Summary

Service or Limit Desciption

Your Fees

Account Creation, Card Manufacturing and Delivery $20/Card Account and Card Created
PIN change $1/change
Active Card Account Maintenance $0.00
Inactive Card Account Maintenance $0.00
Abandoned Card Account Maintenance $10/Abandoned Card Account/month
MasterCard® Transaction $0.00
ATM¹ Withdrawal $1.50/transaction
Foreign Exchange Fee 1.9% of transaction value
Card Account to Card Account Transfers $1/transfer
Card Account Closure $5/closure
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement $35/Card
Disputed or Chargeback Transaction $0.00
Disputed or Chargeback Transaction $1/SMS message

1 You may be charged an additional fee by the owner of the ATM, including a fee for a balance inquiry or other such ATM transaction.

2 The SMS/text message fee will be charged as such service is available from us and used by you.

Product Limits Summary

Number of purchases allowed per day: no limit
Number of cash transactions allowed per day: no limit
Maximum ATM withdrawal: $3000/transaction
Maximum value of cash transactions: $3000/day
Maximum Card Account load: $10,000/transaction
Maximum Card load: $20,000/Card
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