Frequently Asked Questions for Exchangers

PayCo welcomes partnership with trustworthy exchangers. If you are a merchant or an exchanger and have some questions in mind, you may find the answers to them in the list of questions below.

The official exchangers of PayCo can be found


PayCo has a pending approval for a licensure application under an official jurisdiction. The disclosure of such information shall be done upon accomplishment of the process.

Yes. We welcome all merchants to apply and become official PayCo exchangers provided that they pass an easy but strict verification process.

PayCo can send funds in any currency to any bank in most countries except US and the UK.

Yes. It is found


The Other Exchangers list can be found on the "Other Exchangers" section of Deposit and Withdrawal Exchange Services pages of an account.

A PayCo merchant automatically becomes an official exchanger upon reaching the required sales amount worth $1,000.

Yes. PayCo has created a series of verification processes that authenticates merchants and exchangers. This procedures are done to provide security measures, uphold law compliance, and ensure fund protection for all parties involved.

PayCo implements various security measures to guarantee fund protection. These include obligatory verification procedures, integration of advanced encryption system, and mandatory authentication steps. All of these security measures must be satisfied prior to granting access to almost all of our services.

In case of lost funds due to fraud or scam, the exchanger must report and file a dispute through PayCo's Resolution Center as soon as possible.

Yes. The funds held by the exchanger at the time of loss will be duly returned by PayCo provided that the dispute has been proven true. PayCo insures funds with 100% backing.

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